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by | Apr 17, 2013 | Interviuri | #clujlife

Cu Télépopmusik ne reintalnim la Cluj-Napoca, in luna iunie, la Electric Castle. Daca anul trecut l-am vazut pe Christophe la Boiler Club pentru un dj set senzational, anul acesta vom avea Télépopmusik live, pe scena, intreaga trupa!

Christophe you were in Cluj before, last year in may. This time all of you are coming. What do you know about Cluj and Transilvania?
Not so much about Cluj but for sure about Dracula but we didn’t meet…

How was your experience last year in Cluj?
Good energy on the dancefloor!

Electric Castle Festival will be held around an old castle, as you all know. Have you performed again in places like this one? Name a few places / experiences.
Exit Festival in Novi Sad is taking place in an old castle as well…love this mix of the past with electronic beats.

What can we expect for the live show at Electric Castle Festival?
Old songs, new songs and a visual trip!

How do you think the electronic music has evolved in the past years? Do you think it goes on a right path or…?
Electronic music is repeating like a loop so i guess if there no technical revolution as was the sampler in the 90’s…the future is in young producer’s hands but for now there is too much EDM and dubstep….fortunately the new deep house scene is great!

What dou you like most, the live act or the dj set? Why?
Iit’s different..i like both because it’s different.

How do you promote Telepopmusik online? Are you taking care by yourself of the facebook & twitter accounts or do you have someone else in charge of this?
Yes, total control!

What plans do you have for the near future? When can we expect a new album?
A new album in november and a new EP in mid june (with 2 songs and some remixes).

What music do you listen to more often?
Deep House

Name last show you’ve been to and recommend some live acts that we should miss this summer.
last show was the bloody beetroots….i would like to see the strokes!
Thank you.

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