Startup Lounge #6 @ Cluj Hub

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Startup Lounge #6: e-Legal issues for startups & investors

The scope of this event is to:

· Connect entrepreneurs, investors and other like-minded people with innovative ideas, in order to ignite dialogue and possible collaborations

· Offer the experience of having spent an evening in the midst of the creative entrepreneurial community in Cluj-Napoca, in an informal and relaxed environment

· Create a platform for exchanging opinions, debating new trends, sharing tips&tricks and international&local best practices

This edition, we will direct our attention towards the legal aspects of owning and developing a startup.

Our speakers for this edition will be:

· Alin Laurentiu – Managing Partner at Laurentiu, Laurentiu & Associates – Attorneys at Law

· Cosmin Ochisor – Business Development Manager at Hubraum Krakow

Alin’s presence is most welcome as he has years of experience in corporate and commercial law. The clients he has worked with have always recommended him as being very thourough in the advice and support he offered. A good connaiseur of his domain and a trustworthy partner in solving complicated legal commercial files, we have brought Alin in order to share his knowledge of best practices and to be here as a legal lead for the local entrepreneurs. Alin will share information such as:

· How to make a clean deal with the co-founders

· In what legal form should the business be operated? Discussing available types of businesses for a startup

· Developing a great standard form contract in favor of your company

· Employment documentation: what does this imply?

· Intellectual Property protection (patents, copyrights, trademarks, service marks, trade secrets, confidentiality agreements)

· Developing a good Terms of Use Agreement and Privacy Policy for your website

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