Expoziție Raymond Gantner @ Fabrica de Pensule

by | Oct 29, 2015 | Expozitii

Expoziție Raymond Gantner 

“The artist shows photographic works of his series „Broken Cities” (2015), where urban landscapes, interiors and various industrial artifacts can be seen in a series of morbid staged and playful-arranged forms, and thus tries to break conventional habitat structures demonstratively. However, through the synergy of a declaratory and image-forming Photography, the visitor can read the works of Gantner also under the aspect of formalism.

Powerfully influenced by the film medium, Gantner’s use of techniques, which were introduced by the vanguards of classical modernism such as Man Ray, laid their radicalism in breaking the representational form. Also inspired by the German “Subjective Photography” movement of the 1950’s, the artist goes even one step further and breaks the monochrome surface by chemical processes like an alchemist, which in turn becomes discolored. These experimental techniques seem to reflect impressively the darker aspects of the human condition through their expressionistic and hallucinatory images. Thus referencing on painting not only he consciously puts in question its aesthetic autonomy postulate, but at the same time refers on the image-making process itself.” – Constance Maerz

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