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Stereotype Bizarre @ The Shelter

Stereotype Bizarre

|| Owen Ezard
|| Highroller
|| Akos
|| Elian

Born in Barcelona, Owen Ezard is a featured artist on the Underground scene .Co-founder of Konzentrisch Music that is a highly recognized label, valued and supported by international top artists. He combines his studio work and performances with the management of the label during three years. On summer of 2015 he decided to leave Konzentrisch Music for focusing his efforts and time on his own projects.

In spite of leaving the Label he remains connected because of common works. With a very personal style, Owen creates with his sets, full of dynamism and a clear underground trend, an atmosphere of surround sound that characterizes him from the beginning. Owen has been linked to Barcelona’s nightlife for over 15 years through the most important clubs of the electronic scene of the city. He is Able to merge the best and most current sounds. All this with an undeniable musical taste and innate elegance in your mixes from Deep house up to the strongest techno, passing through many aspects of electronic music without ignoring for a moment the dance floor. Proof of his continued evolution as Deejay are his sets at both national and international levels.

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