Hijack / Seme / Tight Cherry @ La Gazette

by | Feb 16, 2016 | Party

Colectiva Gazette prezintă:

|| Hijack
|| Seme
|| Tight Cherry

*In order to keep a friendly environment we hold the rights to select our customers, only 18+ allowed!

Hijack is already a classic name on the Bucharest clubbing scene, more recently becoming also a Cluj common presence on the city’s dance floors. He started his DJ career around 2005, spinning contagious grooves from nu-jazz, Detroit house and techno on the decks of Bucharest’s most important clubs, from Embryo, Control, Studio Martin to Krystal and the Cluj’s Midi.

His musical journey started in 1998 when he was introduced to electronic music; He made his first appearance to the musical scene in Spain back in 2009 and since then he is getting acclaim for his musical commitment. After a few years of mixing, Seme developed a passion for vinyl and started to play and collect more and more of it. Inspired by ambiental, classical, techno and house music, Seme combined all those notes and has made sure that his mixing skills and music sound develops in a very unique way.

Tight Cherry is a talented lady who spins the decks, an interesting character with wide selections and style.She is part of Gazette crew, playing with Pavlov, Hijack or FLVN from The Joint Ventures and others.

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