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Artrax / Captain Midnight @ Yolka


Inseparable unity of passionate guys since more than 2 years in this beautiful Cluj Napoca City; Duo, followers and deeply impassioned into music, they are inspired by all those many different kind of electronic music and their origins to liven up the night as they will.
Better known as Ʌ CLUB co-founders, we might say they found a true and unique complicity over the years.
Accustomed to make long set, it’s with pleasure the next party will take place in YOLKA again this Friday night, let’s rock the party!


Is the performing alias of Origami Sound’s label heads and Interval’s creators and curators, Blisi and Herne.
Just like the 6 imprints they run, their sets are not bound by any genre limitations but you can always expect an eclectic, entrancing and entertaining couple of hours filled with exclusive tracks, unearthed gems and quirks.


CLUJLIFE - Te scoate din casă!

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