4 places to see Cluj’s city lights at night

by | Nov 28, 2016 | English

Long, dark and cold winter months just started: afternoons feel like evenings and sometimes you even feel as if the sun just rised when it sets. Make the best of it and enjoy the view over the city from these points which will light up your day! These are some suggestions for the best places to go if you want to have the best view over Cluj, even far away from the touristic ones.

Feleacu Hill

If you follow Calea Turzii on its way out the city you’ll have a breathtaking, panoramic view over Cluj. There’s actually space to park on the side of the street so you can easily stop, enjoy the view and even have some beers if you brought some. You can easily get there by bike, car or taxi. If you only want to stay for a few minutes, the taxi driver will offer you to wait for you to go down again. Or you can go a bit further and reach the Fun Park, from where you have another great panoramic view.

Mănăștur Cemetery

On the west side of the cemetery of Mănăștur, right next to Parcul Iuliu Prodan you have a beautiful view over the western part of Cluj, especially this neighbourhood. Whilst during the day you see the rather unkempt buildings, the city lights at night look simply amazing. Head over Gh. Dima street and wonder around, you’ll definetely find a spot from where to enjoy the view.

Fortress Hill

Probably the most popular viewpoint in Cluj is the Fortress Hill. Located in the North of the city center close to Hotel Belvedere, you can overlook the whole center of Cluj and even see some hills that are surrounding the city. During the day as well as the night the view is magnificent and definitely worth climbing the stairs. Cross the river at the east side of the Central park and climb up the hill or take the stairways in General Dragalina Street to get there.


If you dare to visit Hoia Baciu Forest, the Haunted Forest, you should certainly enjoy the view over Cluj, too. Go to the very edge of the forest in the west. From there you’ll be able to see Manastur and the Polus center, embedded into the Hills surrounding Cluj. To get there, first you have to get on Donath Street in Grigorescu and from there look for Uliului Street. At the end of the road you’ll find a great place to relax and enjoy the view.

Where is your favorite place to overlook Cluj?

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