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Your friends and relatives are visiting you because they’re curious about how and where you’re living. For you, instead, life in Cluj got already some kind of a routine. You even might not notice the characteristics and beauty of places you pass by daily. So where to go with friends and family? We present you places in and around Cluj that are worth a visit and will probably make your visitors remember Cluj and their stay for a long time.

Piata Unirii & Piata Avram Iancu

Probably impossible to avoid: Piata Unirii and Avram Iancu are two very central places in Cluj. One influenced by the Hungarian history of Cluj, the other one Romanian, a church placed in both ones. Visit the churches and discover the differences between catholic and orthodox.


Yolka is some kind of an insider because of its hidden location. It is a nice and extraordinary café/bar in Piata Unirii from where you have a great view on St. Michael’s church! Simply perfect for cold winter days when you want to warm up yourselves after a city tour. Why extraordinary? The walls are covered with plants and the ceiling is just a single work of art: the universe, the sky, birds, planes and much more to see.


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Lake Tarnita

If you’d like to take your guests outside of Cluj and show them some nature, Lake Tarnita is a good choice. It is situated between Rasca, Marisel and Gilau village, about 15 km from Cluj. The lake is over 8 km long and has a maximum depth of more than 70 meters. Enjoy a walk around the lake and the beauty of nature.


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Fortress Hill

Maybe you’ve been up there several times already and actually don’t want to climb the hill again – but the view over Cluj from Fortress Hill is something that shouldn’t be missed! Enjoy the panoramic view, show your friends and family where you’re living and what else there is to recognize from the top of Cluj and, if the weather is good and the bar is open, enjoy some drinks with a view at Pergola.

Central Park & Botanical Garden

Show your visitors the green (or in winter: white) Cluj!  Take them for a walk in the Central Park which you can perfectly match with showing Cluj Arena. Have some food at those little houses standing in the area between the park and the arena. Maybe some Kürtos? Alternatively, go to the Botanical Garden. The entrance fee is 10 lei (5 for students). You’ll be surprised how big it is! Even if in winter there aren’t that many plants outside, inside the greenhouses, you’ll see some tropical plants and flowers and breath some tropical air as well!


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Turda Salt Mine

Salina Turda is definitely worth a visit! As it is only a 30 min drive from Cluj, you can easily get there by car or even by bus. The salt mine opened to tourists in 1992 and is now a famous attraction to Romanian and foreign tourists. It has once been placed at the top of the “Top 10 coolest underground places in the world” by Business Insider, a German owned American news website. Beside being one of the oldest salt mines of the world, today it is also an underground theme park. You can paddle on the lake with little boats or play mini golf, after learning about the functioning of the salt mine and its history.

It’s open year-round from 9 AM tom 4 PM. Entrance fee is 20 lei for adults, 10 lei for children and students and 12 lei for retirees.

Exploring a salt mine!

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Especially if you are non-Romanian, your guests probably want to try some typical Romanian food. For that, Roata is the right choice. From varza a la Cluj over Sarmale to Papanasi, you’ll find everything. Not missing good wines and Tuica, of course. Roata is located in the city center in Strada Alexandru Ciurea, about 5 min walking from Casa de Cultura. Don’t forget to reserve a table in advance, it’s always fully booked.

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National Museum of Transylvanian History

If your friends and family are interested in history, you should take them to the National Museum of Transylvanian History. It features a permanent exhibition as well as temporary ones, the “Tezaur” (treasure) exhibition, and a Pharmacy Historical collection. The entrance fee is 3 lei for the temporary exhibition and 6 lei for the pharmacy collection. Students and retirees get a 50% discount.


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Where do you take friends and family visiting you?

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