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Nu Zau is one of the leading producers and dj’s that have come out of Romania’s electronic scene in the past few years. Dark, percussive, funky and quirky would be the best way to describe his sound, already having releases on various labels, he’s signed EP’s, individual tracks and remixes on labels such as Fear of flying, Aeternum Music, Memoria Recordings .
In time a new label vinyl project is created by the name of Uvar, which he co-runs with fellow romanian Sepp.
As a DJ he seemlessly blends through oldschool records and new wave productions alike, crossing borders musically and inspiring people wherever he plays, be it in romanian clubs , or beyond romanian borders such as: Output (New York), Stereobar (Montreal), Sankeys (Ibiza), Gipsy (Moscow), Origami (Tokyo), Spybar (Chicago), Bloc (Barcelona), Club der visionaire (Berlin), Paradigm (Groningen, NL), Underground (Ibiza), Crucifix Lane (London, UK), FUSE (Brussels), Rodnya (Moscow), Treehouse (Miami), Flash (Washington DC), Facktura(Odessa,Ukraine), Concorde Atlantique (Paris, FR) and many more….

Harry‘s productions exemplify rhythmic precision and standalone outside the confinements of pigeon-holed styles. Preferring to generate original quality rather than regurgitated quantity he releases rarely but always with clinical class. He can be found regularly toying with the ears of the Undersound audience. A humble, placid guy that speaks volumes through wax.

Originating from techno and house, the music gains its glaze from the playful minimalism, the boldly used soundpads and the musical motifs. This could be the shortest description of Giash‘s music.
Quality is important for him, because it gives people a legitimate reason to become excited. He continues to be interested in new things that seem old and old things that seem new. His music goes along the main direction, while receding the old standards and leading towards new destinations. It creates channels which can take you beyond the material world if you are up to it.

Esmen aka Dani
is the resident of Apotek.

Entry fee 20 RON < 00:00 > 30 RON

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