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Landing Venus is a fresh band from Budapest rooted in abrasive, no wave-inspired experimentation.

Mixing elements of concretism, avant-garde jazz and psychedelic rock, they emphasize musical texture over melody and deconstruct simple themes through collective improvisation. The two singers combine extended vocal techniques with more traditional styles of singing with a lyrical tendency addressing alienation.

The instrumentation includes effects-laden prepared guitars, polychromatic basslines and autodestruct drumming with a pinch of full on noise freak out for good measure.

Ilka Kisgyörgy – vocal
Hannah Horváth – vocal
Kornél Vajsz – guitar
Rajmund Takács – bass
Gergely Kovács – drums


Osaka Crack is a fresh band combining grindcore, electronic noise, metal, drum and bass and jazz. These apparently different styles are connected by the intensity of their play. Viktor’s sax screams, Márton’s bass riff-supported electronic carpets and Ádám’s robotic drumming will never lose the audience’s attention.

Their music is characterized by groovy impros, ambient atmospheres, few second miniatures and sudden changes of different styles, giving equal importance to written music and free improvisation.

The trio is a result of a music-based friendship.

Viktor Kapusi – sax/effects
Márton Csernovszky – bass/electronics
Ádám Klausz – drums

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