Terrace Opening @ Colectiva Gazette

by | May 4, 2017 | Party

Colectiva Gazette – Terrace Opening

Rancune – live [DE]

Rancune- treads the line between 80s-inspired electronic sounds and new-wave songwriting. Influenced by garage rock, electronic body music and most things in between, these three French guys living in Berlin can’t choose between singing in their mother tongue, English or German. Playing with an assemblage of analog synthesizers, drum machines, plus an organ and a guitar amp, the three members take turns to sing songs of love, lust, grudge and culinary frustration. After forming in mid-2014, they started playing live in 2015 and have been recording demos to document their new-found sound and becoming imbedded in the Berlin music scene in the process.

Sebastian Big [CJ][MM][RO]

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