Subfeleac session @ Gazette

by | May 13, 2017 | Party


Drawn to it from a very early age, Grid studied music throughout school and college. He started venturing into electronic music at about 11 but only decided to take it up a notch later on, when at about 16 started making beats on his home pc. He decided to start djing to try to boost the underground electronic scene of his hometown in late 2007. Soon followed the forming of Tone Troopers, the audio-visual organization. The goal of the crew is to bring quality events to the public of his hometown. Grid’s sets are mainly based on jump-up Drum’n’Bass mixed in a very fast pace with plenty of mashups and double drops but you can also find breaks, garage and all kinds of bass music in his routines.

Musai Soundworks

In most of his music, Musai combines the art of poetry with different genres of contemporary music like post-dubstep, experimental, ambient music etc. being influenced by artists like Burial, Amon Tobin, Aphex Twin, Jon Hopkins.
The poetry had the same constructive influence over his music later this two forms of art becoming one. Since the age of 15 Musai had experience with a lot of different genres of music like Dubstep, Drum & Bass, Hip-Hop trying to figure what style suits him the most.
Till this days Musai experienced a lot of this genres traveling to different cities of Romania experimenting the art of music continuosly.


Born in Hunedoara, ZO has been active in the bass music scene for 5 years as a promoter before finally deciding to enter the realm of djing. Dub, Garage and dubstep are the trademarks of his style, blended for the pleasure of the dancing crowd.

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