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Andrés Zacco

Andres Zacco was born in Pergamino, on December 19th of 1980. Promoter of the music of world’s culture, he leaves behind the charts for special stiles such as underground in the most advanced cultural countries. His discs combine vanguards sounds influenced by other sounds coming from Detroit and Chicago. His sets are composed by techno, Dub, Clicks, Electro and House styles.

In October of 2006, he was part of Ground Muzik s line up, having Tobias Thomas, Dj Koze, Matias Aguayo as special guests in his first edition, and Gabriel Ananda in the second one. In this opportunity he will be performing together with Dominik Eulberg and Diego Cid. In 2007 he got to play at SAMC (South American Music Conference), sharing scenery with Richie Hawtin, Troy Pierce, Magda, Marc Houle and Jonas Kopp. As a producer we can see his high artistic development caring along many projects, some of them now shared with Lucas Mari.

Throughout the years, his sound has been traveling along many netlabels as Groovear, Flumo, Grhk and NoMucho. Right now he is about to inaugurate his own label called Greener, which will act as a bridge to show a techno digital vision and tripped out texure.



Fee: 10ron < 00:00 > 20ron

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