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JOHN SHIMA [Boe Recordings / Contrast-Wax]
from Sheffield, UK

John Shima is a prolific electronic music producer from Sheffield who resides on the outer fringes of the techno scene, he has kept on delivering his own version of techno over the years, a sound that borrows the same ethereal energy from 90s producers like B12, Black Dog, As One, etc. Issuing many well-received EPs on a roster of independent electronic labels including Ferox, Boe Recordings, Firescope, Common Dreams, Diametric, and Subwax to name but a few!

He has a sound maybe best described as futuristic & intelligent, operating in the ghost realm between warm
IDM/techno hybrids and Detroit-influenced futuristic techno.
He brings true depth and emotion into his productions, usually illustrated by using spacey soundscapes,
electrofunk basslines and detailed drum programming.

dannilov [Colectiva Gazette]

Te Doare

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