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by | May 29, 2017 | Articole

From Finland with mixed feelings

They’re possessed by a fearsome feral energy, with shamanic frontman Timo Kaukolami their ungodly conduit… the trio are in blistering form on III’s seven tracks.
– UNCUT, 8/10

A space-rock beast garnished with occasional electronics…There’s might in their minimalism
– Q Magazine

Their records are always reliably intense too, touching on industrial, psych-rock and ultra-sleazy electropop – but with this album they’ve taken a major step towards finally condensing their live enerfy.
– MIXMAG, 8/10

What K-X-P are dealing in is label-less music; complex, iron-gripping sounds delivered with towering bombast. It should be a mess. It should be unlistenable. But it’s not – it’s extraordinary. Why? Because once you’re at the heart of this album, somehow, it only feels like the beginning.

Beneath the drone, a pop heart beats to a motorik BPM, bursting with the taut, nervous energy that drives this dark, pulsing soundtrack. One for the long drive ahead as you watch the white lines get consumed by the night.
– CLASH, 8/10

On their sophomore album, featuring guest vocals from Annie, the self-proclaimed Finnish “anti-band” has taken things to a new level, infusing their sound with free jazz, drone, noise, pop, and rock.

Like its predecessor, trance is fused with techno and hard, tribal drumming, with a topping of monk-like chanting and dis-embodied declarations…III Part II achieves the unlikely result of suggesting that these robe-clad mavericks could be as stadium friendly as Laibach

Finland’s anti-band continue their primal journey along intergalactic motorik highways, shifting toward more popular dimensions but without losing any intensity, energy or theatrics.

Imagine shamans neon-lit nightscapes, Kraftwek hitting an underground Helsinki rave – it makes for a woozily bewitching trip

Toxic synths and an undeniable sense of occasion pervade, the record sounds appropriately big and it just about steers clear of unwanted pomposity.

Fronted by Finnish underground legend Timo Kaulampi, K-X-P have a knack of fusing together drone, pop, techno and metal to result in an almighty, sonic noise. I’m not quite sure what’s going on right now. Is it a gig? A rave?
– THE QUIETUS (live review)

K-X-P are sludge and metal, skin and synthetic bone shaped and broken into a convulsing and contorting behemoth of cinematic electronica. “Freeway” is an autobahn, a solitary voice in darkness crying out, the stuff of nightmares and dreams, equal parts isolation and claustrophobia.

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