Smida, the amazing festival in no-man’s-land

by | Aug 22, 2018 | Articole, Cum a fost la, English

Jazz music is nice. Smida is quite a spectacular village situated at the heart of the Apuseni Natural Park. Combine these two together and you’ve got the recipe for a dream weekend getaway. No kidding. And it is literally for everyone, I mean it doesn’t matter if you go alone, with your children, dogs, with friends, with friends of friends or even your friends’ parents. The only common ground needed here is to have a love for music. And maybe some warm clothes because it gets quite cold at night (but nothing a little bit of alcohol can’t solve though). I’ve been to Smida this weekend and I can honestly say that if this festival ever gets cancelled, and I really hope it doesn’t, I will be heartbroken. Seriously, Smida team please keep doing what you’re doing because it’s amazing!

The first thing you notice when you arrive at the festival is the people. Everyone’s so naturally relaxed, so different, which is great. I then noticed their dogs and figured they are gonna make more friends during the festival than I will in a year. It’s dog heaven. All of this happened on Friday evening, the first day of the festival, just as I arrived at Smida. Driving there and just absorbing the wonderful nature makes you forget about everything – work, your unpaid bills, and even the fact that your flat hasn’t been vacuumed in weeks. Whatever issues you might have back home are bound to disappear once you lose yourself in the breathtaking scenery. So by the time I actually arrived at the festival I was already in a jazzy mood. I cannot stress it enough, the surrounding scenery is a-may-zing. I didn’t do much that Friday, just grabbed something nice to eat (tacos, those guys from Oliv know what they’re doing, big up!), some beer and just enjoyed the concerts. I can’t really say I know that much about the artists that were there as I’m just a regular music lover, but I was extremely excited to discover what the guys from Smida had prepared for us. And they prepared well! Now after the concerts finished, after almost everybody went to sleep, that’s when something really peculiar happened. Just play the following video and you’ll see what I mean.

On Saturday I woke up early to take advantage of the surrounding nature. I got my coffee (two of them actually) at around 9 and stayed for about 2h in the sun to read until the heat became unbearable. Went to the cabin where I stayed to have some of my packed eggplant salad with garden tomatoes only to find out that half of it was eaten. Thank you, on this occasion, dear neighbour, for leaving some for me as well. Next, I went for a long walk, no destination whatsoever, just went where my legs took me. This way I discovered the starting point of lake Belis, got lost on the running trails, gave some apple juice to a thirsty runner since I was there and inspected every tree on my way back. The evening concerts were quite astonishing, I had several sprees of goosebumps. There was this guy with an accordion… he really put a mark on how he mastered this instrument, I have never heard anything like that (Kimmo Pohjonen, do give him a try).

Sunday was quite chill as well, although there were more people most of them decided to take part in the activities at hand (yoga, reading, painting, hiking, kayaking on the lake, biking and everything else that was in store). Sadly, I had to leave beautiful Smida and go back to Cluj before the end of the festival, but I’m sure the last night was a blast. Planning to stay the whole festival at the next edition 🙂

I can’t grasp in just a few words how Smida felt like, but what I can say for sure is that it’s a festival that makes summertime more welcoming. Regardless of your age, nationality, likes or preferences, this is a place where you can go and do whatever you want to do. See you guys next year. Peace & love.

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