Why You Should Lean on Family During the Pandemic

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Although you may have already suffered losses and had hard times during the pandemic, there’s no way to know for sure when the world situation will improve. This means there may be more hardship to get through. It’s important to understand that you might need support to endure times that aren’t ideal, and a great place to find support is within your family. Here’s a look at why you should lean on family in times like this.

They Can Provide Emotional Support
A family is able to provide emotional support in many cases. People you are related to may also be some of the individuals that you are closest to, which could also mean that you are the most comfortable with them. When you are facing stressful times or you need someone to talk to, a family member may be the first person you call.

They are likely available to offer advice, guidance, or just a kind word. Think about how many times a week you call your sister or your mom to check in or ask how to do something and you might begin to understand the importance of your family. Even when it seems like no one else cares about what you are experiencing, there is likely a family member that will.

This is also the case with your mate. When you need someone to reassure you or help you figure out a problem, they may have your back each and every time. Consider how this helps you mentally and what it would feel like if they weren’t as supportive of you.
You can read articles about family and how they can affect your mental health to learn more.

They May Offer Financial Support
Another way family can help you is through financial support. During the pandemic, many people have had to change their work situations, lost their jobs, or have had to downsize their lives. They may not have been able to make these transitions without the help of their family and financial contributions. You probably can’t ask everyone you know for money, but in some cases, you can ask family and they won’t hesitate to help you out.

Your Kids Likely Need You
When you are a parent, you should also understand that leaning on family is necessary. You probably remember the last time you helped your child work through an issue they were facing or were there to talk to them when they were troubled. This may be similar to the way you lean on others in your family. Being there for your kids is very important and can make a difference in their mental health now and in the future.

They’re Accessible
Chances are that your family are easiest to hang out with and visit. If you need to lean on a spouse, they are probably in the same house, so you’ll be able to use them as a sounding board or ask them for help if you have too much to do. You can also rely on your kids for help. Perhaps they will have a joke for you when you are feeling down or know just what to say to help you understand that they appreciate you.
For many, they were unable to see loved ones because of the pandemic, but this may not be the case anymore. However, if you are still unable to visit with parents, grandparents, or other family members that you have a close relationship with, there are a couple of other options out there for you.

How to Lean on Family
While spending time with loved ones is the best way to take advantage of the support they can offer, it isn’t always feasible to visit with them in person. Though, through the use of telephones, video calling, and social media pages, you may still be able to keep in touch with people you care about and get the support that you need. Check in with your relatives regularly and you might still be able to lean on them in a way that is similar to how you would if you could see your loved ones all the time.

Ask them for advice when you need it, talk to them if you don’t know who else to turn to, or listen as they offer perspective on a problem you have. Each of these things can be beneficial when you are trying to lower your stress and take care of your overall wellness.

If you are able to lean on your family, you may have plenty of support to get you through hard times. You must be able to talk to people you trust to work issues out, so do what you can to make this happen. It doesn’t really matter who you count on, since it can be a spouse, parent, aunt, sister, or even your kids. Anyone you love and trust may be able to help you work things out and feel better about your situation.

Guest post written by Marie Miguel

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