After “Brainstorm” & dj set Koúkla

After “Brainstorm” & dj set Koúkla

After Party of the exhibition “[email protected]” by Bartus Csilla
(making part of the exhibition series from Expo Marathon)

19.00 – 20.00 — Mieresch (Expo Marathon, Matthias Corvin Gallery)
20.00 -21.30 — Marcus Ambierelius (Expo Marathon, Matthias Corvin Gallery)
21:30 — dj set Koúkla (Colectiva Gazette)

After giving birth to a metamorphosed mindspace at Matthias Corvin Gallery, in which a storm will sweep. Will continue it’s way, breaking out as a spiral from the depth to the surface to bring the dark essence of atmosphere to Colectiva Gazette.

The winds are strong, struggling to mantain control, doesn’t let many other choices than letting yourself get carried away by this steady, continuous stream to challenging your senses all night long.Because nothing can seduce a human mind more like anomaly.

Seeking to stir up emotions above all; let the steam out, leave the materialised world behind, reconnect with yourself and scroll your eyes inside to see!



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