alandala ▼ G.O.L.A.N. [BTarena]

alandala ▼ G.O.L.A.N. [BTarena]

▼ Life, after all, should go forwards, not backward. We keep moving ahead with unshakable hope and courage towards never-ending fun, opening up new doors, and embracing fresh opportunities. We are restless, we are alive and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. Moving doesn’t change who we are. It only changes the view. And our next one is utterly great. We should enjoy this grand sight together, hand in hand, heart to heart.

We felt it was about time to meet in the heart of the city. If distance makes the heart grow fonder, we are coming a little bit closer to you. See you in a beat at BT ARENA.

Don’t say maybe when you want to say yes.
_early_bird_ 49 lei – limited number
_presale_ 65 lei – limited number
••• 99 lei [at the venue]

Get your ticket here👇
Proof of vaccination, a valid test, or any other evidence accepted by the authorities at this moment will be required at the entry of the event.
– limited tickets available;
– large open-air terrace set up with enough seats, tables, couches, and cozy areas, so you can comfortably keep the distance and avoid forming crowded groups.
– use the specially designed routes when entering, leaving, or using the restrooms inside the building (the mask is mandatory)
– sanitizer and masks will be available at the bar, the entrance, and the restroom area.

Design: Paul Bucovesan.

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