alandala ▼ retro future [digital_dinner_v.oo1]

alandala ▼ retro future [digital_dinner_v.oo1]

▼ One is sound, one is image. One is from the past, one is from the future. One’s been showing you the way, the other one you will embrace now.
Because we know there is more to life than parties [there are also afterparties and social parties, d’oh], WE’VE JOINED FORCES and we’re creating something new and utterly unique. Not only haven’t you seen it before, but you also have never lived it anywhere. Yet.
There is food, there is social and there is music that makes your mind and spirit go up higher as far as they can. Be there to witness it and help us write the future.

▼ l i n e – u p
❒ digital dinner 19:00 – 22:30h
▋MICHA BLANOS [live piano concert]
❒ dance party 22:00 – 06:00h
▋MANOLACO [mykonos / cavo paradiso]
▋MACARIE [midas touch]

▼ t i c k e t s
❒ dance party
▌ EARLY BIRD – 59lei [limited]
▌ PRESALE 1 – 79lei
▌ PRESALE 2 – 99lei
❒ digital dinner
▌ EARLY BIRD – 249lei [limited]
▌ PRESALE 1 – 299lei



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