Alandala ▼ day&night v_o21 [summer_season_opening]

Alandala ▼ day&night v_o21 [summer_season_opening]

▼ After months of freezing and shivering under a grey sky, our genuine smiles will warm the whole nature at first try. However, this story won’t be about the sun, the stars, nor the moon. This one will be about the feelings that are sparking in our chests eager to get out, the songs of our thoughts and our constant craving for exploration.

We are returning with one of your all-time favourite concepts: alandala day&night. As you already know, the fun starts at Casino Park during daytime and continues at BT Arena from midnight. Guided by meticulously created edits, loops and tracks and the fluid dance between light and dark, Henry Saiz & Band, Andrei Pushkarev, Vlad Arapasu and Vlad Bretan are about to create an epic cosmic symphony for us. This is the perfect opportunity to renew ourselves once again while welcoming this insanely beautiful spring.

All you have to decide is what you do with the time, the happiness and the music that is given to you.

❐ Henry Saiz (live band)
❐ Vlad Bretan

❐ Vlad Arapasu

▼ Presale tickets available on sale
✔️ 35 lei – limited number [sold out]
🔜 45 lei – second wave
••• 60 lei [at venue]

more info soon to be announced



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