Alandala ▼ spring delights v.oo1

Alandala ▼ spring delights v.oo1

▼ Spring is known to be a time of new beginnings. Embark with us on the release of our brand new concept – alandala [spring_delights] v.oo1 . Since the air becomes more welcoming each day, the vibrant hues of the golden sunshine and bursting nature are deepening with the richness of the season.
The magic is perpetuated by the most engaging and beloved artists of the moment, in the name of Maayan Nidam, Suciu and Polarize in the revitalising warm night of April 13th. The event will take place in the Aroma domain, on Feleacu hills – a location flavoured with a breathtaking view of the dazzling city lights.

There is a playfulness in the air, inviting the lips to smile – it’s the premise of the magnificent summer ahead.
Maayan Nidam



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