Alex Simu Quintet | Concert de jazz

Alex Simu Quintet | Concert de jazz

“Echoes of Bucharest” – a reflection of the present, a fragrance of the past and a glance into the future of a city with a rich multicultural legacy.
The compositions of this suite encounter no rules or boundaries, only love, and the urge to create and share. The vision is built on two main pillars – innovation and heritage, and aims to shape sounds into a unique audience experience.
The music and the concept behind the compositions are a natural reflection of Alex Simu’s experience with his hometown, expressed through the lens of his emotional and historical ties. All sounds are inspired by the history of Bucharest, from its creation and evolution, to its contemporary times and future.

jazz, free improvisation, România/Germania/Slovenia/Olanda
Alex Simu | clarinets
Franz von Chossy | piano
George Dumitriu | viola/guitar
Jörg Brinkmann | cello
Kristijan Krajnčan | cello/drums

Support: 20 lei in advance / 25 lei on the evening of the concert
Extra info: 0264.450.655



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