Apotek Showcase w/ ● Oshana ● Giash [Live] ● Piconome

Apotek Showcase w/ ● Oshana ● Giash [Live] ● Piconome

Line up:

● GIASH [Live]
Apotek / Archipel


Regarding our past experience, the venue was updated with a  new AC system and a new sound also.
OSHANA stacked up a number of superior accolades since her debut in 2012 She was named one of Trommel’s 12 artists to follow in 2018 as well as one of the underground’s top 10 leading ladies by Pulse Radio. In addition, she earned a coveted position on Raresh’s Fabric 78 compilation while also garnishing the support of several key players for her numerous chart-topping EP’s. Aside from signing her music to BodyParts, Rue De Plaisance, and Brouqade, Oshana most recently solidified herself as Yoyaku’s leading lady while also contributing to the growth of Anthea’s Partisan imprint.
GIASH electronic musician, Producer and DJ from Hungary. Originating from Techno and House, his music gains its glaze from the flowing atmospheres, the boldly used ambiences and musical motifs. An expert crafter of minimal beats and hypnotic grooves, Giash’s career has spanned over 10 years with his productions being released on wax through seminal labels such as Archipel Musique Canada, Plaisir Records, Norse Projekt, Apotek, Why So Series, Metroline Limited and many more.

Beside his experimentations in music production, Giash is much interested in doing researches and digging pieces on a wide spectrum of musical directions. As well as playing DJ sets while using many unreleased materials and tools, or performing LIVE music on a clearly minimalized setup that he has built under the years.
Piconome is our resident dj and also an Exid member. Lately he impressed us with his  mixing skills (a perfect set at our last showcase in Poiana Brasov) witch makes him a real talented dj. His devotion for the underground music scene  brings him one more time to our showcase.

Visuals by Domokos Zsolt
*In order to keep a friendly environment the club holds the rights to select the customers, only 18+ allowed!
*The venue has limited capacity, therefore first come first served policy will take action.
*Entry fee:  35 RON



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