CSS: Draw back the lips & dj set Genmaica

CSS: Draw back the lips & dj set Genmaica

19.00 – 20:00: dj set Genmaica
20:00 – 21:30: Surprise film
21.30 – til closing: Genmaica set

Synopsis : This film`s dark humor is spinning the wheels of a common disaster, shared by the two main protagonists, in a long-run chase seeking justice. It`s a drama you wouldn’t normally laugh at, but its misfortune is so well and smoothly shaped in its boredom and routine that it gets funnier with each attempt of the characters’ to escape it. Political correctness is not a reference for this film, but this is exactly why it is so good. The fact that the plot is shaping a story you would usually condole with, showing it from a hilarious angle, where clumsiness and anger kick in so finely, it makes it even more human. We are meeting here two invalids whose aim is to prove heroic qualities, which of course, are far away from the heroic models we are used with – this is probably one of the metaphors of the films, where we have the occasion to question the idea of how nothing is impossible, and that failure, sometimes, is the most probable accidental destination.

Entry : 10 RON



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