CSS: Du Levande (Roy Andersson, 2007) & Ștefan Baghiu DJ Set

CSS: Du Levande (Roy Andersson, 2007) & Ștefan Baghiu DJ Set

It’s been two years since we’ve been on the screen at least twice a month at Colectiva Gazette, time through which we’ve shared with you part of our favorite movies, those we thought worthy of watching together, enjoying ourselves afterwards with some good music.
For this second anniversary, we bring to your attention Du Levande:
Roy Anderson is a delinquent esthetician, the kind of director who creates genuine characters in miserable conditions, a symbiosis that grows into colorful expressionist frames.
Du Levande, unlike Songs from the Second Floor, is less plastered with political subtleties and looks more to understand the absurdity of existence as a human sugar cube , in a continuous dilution.
Alienation is a term which describes the continuous process of becoming of Andersson’s characters, the vulnerability, singularity and nobility being the layers of skin that grow once more on the swollen bodies of his alienated.
“Mosaic of human destinies” – this would be the texture value that nuances of green and grey empathically color the insides of the anderssonian characters.

Ștefan Baghiu



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