CSS : Fear as an elevator & dj set Poliglot

CSS : Fear as an elevator & dj set Poliglot

19.00 – 20.30: Poliglot set on terrace
20.30 – 22.00: Surprise film
22.00 – til closing: Poliglot set

Starting this autumn we are going to present you a new format of our program, consisting events which we are going to switch twice a month from Thursday to Saturday. We will bring you more good films and dj sets, but starting this new season we want you to guess the films we`re going to play or to drop by at Colectiva Gazette for an answer.

Fear as an elevator: a selection of films which explore the nature of the individual or of society when dealing with situations where one has to face up and fight or struggle. Cold hearted, cruel or desperate, this kind of films usually drag fear’s form into the most sensitive and fragile corners a being can have, pulling out the chromatics of emotions and intellect from that very space. Here, you’ll usually find a plot about running away in order to re-build a stronger puzzle of something-someone. Overall, it could be about the on-going capabilities of change towards the better, or, at least, about a need for this change.


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