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CSS: Mind Game // afterset Resa

12 Octombrie, 7:00 pm - 13 Octombrie, 12:59 am


De la:
12 Octombrie, 7:00 pm
Până la:
13 Octombrie, 12:59 am


Colectiva Gazette


Colectiva Gazette
Calea Turzii, Nr. 18
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CSS: Mind Game // afterset Resa

Film: starting at 19.00
After-set: around 21.00, right after the film ends
Free entry


Mind Game (マインド・ゲーム) // r. Masaaki Yuasa, 2004

It may seem odd to some that the notoriously anti-drug Japan could be so full of psychedelic art, but unlike the Western concept of psychedelia, the Japanese version exists independently of psychedelic drug use: Art by itself is believed to be powerful enough to induce profound experiences distinct from those that drugs can provide. So if the message of Mind Game is “you can do anything if you try,” it never says so explicitly. Instead, the film provides an exhilarating and completely absurd realization of sheer willpower, amplified and caricatured to the fullest extent allowed by animation, forcing the viewer to believe in this aforementioned message with absolute certainty. Watching Mind Game is a potentially life-changing experience, and although it will not appeal to a very large audience, at the very least it is destined to become one of those cult-classic masterpieces that only come around about once a decade.

‘Mind Game’ has everything: irony, action, humour, even romance; and it touches practically every aspect of human life, going from relationships to domestic problems. All that covered in psychedelic imagery leaves a great impression


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Artwork: Alexandra Mocan