CSS: Suspiria (Dario Argento) & dj set Bobdan/Vichente Cerghit

CSS: Suspiria (Dario Argento) & dj set Bobdan/Vichente Cerghit

19:00 – 21:30 : Bobdan terrace set
21:30 – Film on the terrace
23:00 – Vichente Cerghit

Dario Argento unleashed something masterfully simple and profoundly horrifying in his 1977 film Suspiria. The violence depicted and put on display in Suspiria is so graphic and wild, rather than just being cheap and bad taste, it twists into near fantasy; it is trying to say something and explore primal and animalistic themes. Argento constructed a visual and audio attack on the viewer, with insane colors and camera use and an absurd soundtrack.
Suspiria, by no means, is a master class film. Films like Psycho or The Shining use almost every ounce of the medium to scare. Suspiria keeps it simple, and it makes for a refreshing and rich film. It succeeds in creating a genuine reaction in the viewer. It sticks to the core of what a horror film is and what a horror film is supposed to do and when it does that, it does it very well. You leave the film and feel uncomfortable. The soundtrack runs through your head while you sleep, the colors flash in your dreams. You see blues and reds differently and people’s actions feel off tilt and strange.

Vichente Cerghit




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