CSS: Where the skin lays entangled & dj set Julian M

CSS: Where the skin lays entangled & dj set Julian M

19.00 – 20:00: dj set Julian M
20:00 – 21:30: Surprise film
21.30 – til closing: Julian M set
Starting this autumn we are going to present you a new format of our program, consisting of events which we are going to switch twice a month from Thursday to Saturday. We will bring you more good films and dj sets, but starting this new season we want you to guess the films we`re going to play or to drop by at Colectiva Gazette for an answer. (Excepting some special screenings, we won`t make any revealings before the projections)
We packed our films in various genres, and this one is going to be presented under the category called Where the skin lays entangled, for which you will find a description below:

This category of films are gathered around the idea of fulfillment through emotional desire. No matter what kind of desire the story would be about, skin is the filter which travels alongside the mind through luscious scenarios, wrapping up psychological complexes which are usually the sources for many kinds of projections, frequently body-related. These films gather stories ranging from casual seduction to self-exploration or consuming love bursting or imploding from the individual, exploring different nuances of needs for affection one may experience.



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