First day of spring with iO (Mulen) / Azteca / Tiberiu / MAT

First day of spring with iO (Mulen) / Azteca / Tiberiu / MAT

We can’t wait to start the spring with this really special line-up:

iO (Mulen) / Mulen Records
After a long time in making music, Alexander returned to the stage in the role of iO Mulen. and co-owner of Mulen Records. Despite on absolutely non-commercial music format, project is attracted attention almost from the first days of existence, as originality and professionalism. Due to the inventive production, iO have especially recognizable groove, and therefore deservedly valued of underground music lovers.

Azteca / Cyclic Records
Azteca’s music will make you feel like you are on thebeach, with sand in your shoes, sipping from a cocktail. He knows how to make the crowd dance all night long and he is only at thebegining!
As Azteca is evolving, labels such as Bondage Music and Akbal Music are releasing his easy-goingtracks.
This is only the begining of a great career, the wamup-party is becoming main act for the young Transylvanian artist.

Tiberiu (Dinsubsol)
His addiction towards electronic music is fulfilling him a dream, the dream of sharing this kind of music to the world. The first contact in this direction happend in 2005 in his hometown, where he performed as a resident dj for a good period of time. Also, during this time he was invited to many other parties, including abroad.

MAT (LogOut / Monocord Records)
Their style is groovy, a perfect mixture between deep house and tech-house / techno, always delivering fresh sets & positive energy. They were invited to play at prestigious events and festivals such as Untold Festival, Electric Castle, Kudos Beach, Airfield Festival, Alandala Events and Delahoya Festival. They have played in some of the most popular venues in Romania, and their sets are always very well-received by the public.

Dava Festival

Locatie: Cluj Arena Etajul 2

Entry: 30 RON all night long



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