Fuckup Nights Romania Vol 2

Fuckup Nights Romania Vol 2

Safe, FUN, and online Fuckup Nights events!

In order to keep our global community safe, we’ve paused our social gatherings and events, to avoid any risk in the midst of this current sanitary situation.
Instead of sharing handshakes and viruses in our events, we’ve decided to keep sharing the failure online!

Join the Fuckuppers from across Romania for the 2nd edition of Fuckup Nights Romania.

Fuckup Nights is a global movement where stories of failed businesses, projects and careers are told, questioned and celebrated.
Each month in events across the globe, people get on stage to acknowledge their professional fuckup in a room full of strangers.
The first event happened in Mexico City in September 2012 after five friends felt the need to break free from the stigmas of failure during a mezcal-infused conversation.
Today, Fuckup Nights has expanded to more than 300 cities and 90 countries across the globe!

To be announced soon!

At home!

Thursday 25th June 7pm GMT+3



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