Gazette Prezintă: Gemini Brothers / Vlad Bretan / scuze

Gazette Prezintă: Gemini Brothers / Vlad Bretan / scuze

// Gemini Brothers
Hypnotic and trippy, repetitive rounding sounds journeys.
The Romanian DJs and producers captured the electronic music scene since the 00’s. Influenced by the past roots, but staying strong in the present, the twins evolved as artists developing their own signature in styles they have been experimenting over the years; from Techno to House, from Acid to Minimal.
Their complex and intense rhythms, bassline twists and drive fusion materials drawn in legendary record labels to get their releases on Moodmusic, Skint, Eskimo or Miami’s Bad Barbie. Known as Gemini Brothers or Francis and Francois, they interconnect like no-others, plus, being twins, the mother-heart connection goes beyond same music tastes and continues into never-forget journeys sets and mixes.
Their various genres, combining techno with minimal and ambient, always transition with tracks that never ends gives them the trippy trips to many European places to share their sounds and experience.

// Vlad Bretan


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