Gazette Prezintă: Junki Inoue [Toi.Toi.Musik/JP] / Te Doare

Gazette Prezintă: Junki Inoue [Toi.Toi.Musik/JP] / Te Doare

// Junki Inoue
Born in Tokyo in 1989, Junki Inoue is one of the youngest of the new crop of ‘digger’ DJs, who are gradually making their names through sharing their personal interpretations of the history of electronic dance music. A dedicated collector of vinyl for many years, Junki is comfortable playing sets at any time of the night and in any location: warm up, peak, closing, after-hours; warehouse or open air. Inoue’s sound stands out for its natural combination of Japanese and European traditions: precise, spare and elegant but warm and welcoming; deep and hypnotic for the mind, but always with energy and drive for the body.
A desire to fully experience different cultures brought Junki to London in 2012. There, Inoue met the Toi Toi Musik crew, with whom a mutual understanding and respect was rapidly developed. He has been resident DJ at the party for the past two years. London has proven itself to be Inoue’s spiritual and cultural home, with the city providing more freedom to express himself as an individual than can easily be found at home in Japan.

// Te Doare

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