Gazette Prezintă: Justin Aulis Long [LIES / US] Yaghee / Seme

Gazette Prezintă: Justin Aulis Long [LIES / US] Yaghee / Seme

// Justin Aulis Long
Justin Aulis Long is an alchemist and selector that utilizes themes of the uncanny, ritual action, and collective effervescence to create psychedelic and surreal vortexes during communal dance gatherings. By applying this combination of practices and techniques, Long is able to weave sonic narratives that exist within the liminal spaces where light meets dark.
Together with Ken Zawacki, Justin is a member of Circling Vultures, a sound project that engages in post-punk behavior, and transmissions from warehouse parties past, present and beyond. Long is also a LIES recording artist, and long time resident of Smart Bar Chicago.
// Yaghee
// Seme

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