Gazette Prezintă: Lumière b2b Oriana [ES] / dannilov

Gazette Prezintă: Lumière b2b Oriana [ES] / dannilov

// Lumière
Born in Argentina, Lumière has been interested in music at a very young age. In 2011, she moved to Barcelona where her passion for the music
House and Techno impelled her to get into the local scene. Her style varies between House and Techno with all its deep & Jazzy facets and stands out with a particular mix of old rarities and modern tracks.

She has a specific intuition for the right record on the dance floor, where she manages to build a session in a unique way that engages the listener to the last vinyl.
Dj resident in Mistresslu

// Oriana
Born in 1998, Oriana traveled a lot as a child, she always remained very curious in music. After traveling and getting to know different cultures of the world, she finally returned to her native country Uruguay in 2008. Based in Montevideo, local scene became an important reference for her, going from a very young age to listening to great artists who influenced her from the beginning.
With 16 years old she started to look for music and to collect records, when she turned 17 she started classes with Dj Koolt, who became a big friend and mentor. First she started to play in intimate parties, and then soon after she was invited to others events like Reyes del Beat, Saturno, Rio until she reached her favorite club Phonotheque. Sharing the stage with many great Uruguayan artists and friends.
Loving the infinite musical search and connecting in each session with the music and the listeners, she recently arrived to Barcelona. Where she pretends to continue with her passion hobby and carrer; influenced by house, techno and breaks, searching always to transmit with mixes of specials tracks.

// dannilov

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