Híppíє Dєluхє

Híppíє Dєluхє

Quiet some time has past since our last reunion. Therefore we use the occasion to have the treat with a couple of our good friends coming out for another intimate deluxe session.
With other words, we’re truly happy… to be and to have:
▸ Mente Orgánica (live set, Bogota / Columbia)
▸ Marwan / (Daydreaming Experience)
▸ Darai Lama / colectiva gazette

And yes – we do care about our environment. That is why we’ve decided from now to compensate the carbon emissions, caused by the journey of our artist. We determine the carbon footprint of flights as well as the amount that is required for carbon offsetting. The emissions are offset in climate protection projects around the world which reduce climate-impacting emissions. They also contribute to sustainable development in the project region. This means that it is not only the climate that benefits; the local population does as well.

nothing fancy by us, seekers of meaning and value. nothing deluxe, just fully up to date.
in a mad world, be a hippie deluxe

Baksheesh: 15💎 < 00:00 > 25💎



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