How To Dress Well. Muzeul de Artă Cluj

How To Dress Well. Muzeul de Artă Cluj

How To Dress Well, the project of alternative R&B singer-songwriter and producer Tom Krell, is coming for the first time to Romania, for a special solo show at the Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca.

He is promoting his latest album, “The Anteroom”, released in 2018 at Domino. Save the date. ◎

◎ “Tom Krell’s latest album of ambient R&B club music feels both reverent and relevant, with icy textures and knotty lyrics that leave plenty to untangle.” – Pitchfork

◎ “Amid all the musings on desolation, Krell has created a moment of joy.” – Rolling Stone

◎ “Tom Krell’s latest is a gorgeous illustration of dissociation.” – The FADER

◎ “The Anteroom is surely How To Dress Well’s most exciting work to date; it might, in time, unfurl into his most poignant and vital, too.” – DIY

◎ “His gliding electronic music is both big and small, coasting between ear holes like a log floating on choppy water. It’s not too heavy, and it’s not boring. Sometimes, How to Dress Well’s elegance just wades in open space; Krell longs for hope as he sings.” – Under the Radar



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