Innovation Labs 2020 Cluj Hackathon

Innovation Labs 2020 Cluj Hackathon

­čĹą With the Innovation Labs 2020 Hackathon, Innovation Labs is offering you a unique chance to be part of the largest tech startup competition and mentorship program for students and young professionals in Romania.

How does it work?

­čŚú Pitch your idea in 1 minute in front of the public. Inspire the audience, find team members and go on to build your prototype all night long – with mentorship and lots of coffee. In the end, pitch your prototype in front of the jury, renowned IT professionals, business gurus, tech-angels ÔÇô and keep your fingers crossed for the selection.

­čĺí Put yourself in the shoes of an entrepreneur and rise to the first challenge of the Innovation Labs program.

ÔĆ▒ Register now until 5th of March, 23:55:

­čîÉ Find out more on or contact us anytime on our Facebook page, Innovation Labs.



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