LightsON – The light artworks circuit

LightsON – The light artworks circuit

Light Artworks on display. One Circuit that connects them by foot. 45 days of public display. Various artistic happenings all around the city center. Welcome to Lights ON!

Started as a creativity contest for designers, architects and engineers, the first of its kind in Romania, Lights ON’s contest purpose is to gather great ideas and concepts for the cities festive lighting and help authorities in their pursuit for suitable lighting solutions.
Starting 2018, after 4 editions of the contest, we have added the Light Artworks Circuit, a special component aimed to educate the public and facilitate the display of impressive artistic light installations.

Lights ON will feature amazing light artworks on display in public areas in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Local and foreign artists were selected for the first edition and uniquely designed works were commissioned in order to have on display some astonishing installations available in Europe but also some built specifically for this event.

Lights ON lasts 45 days, being one of the boldest and long running events of its type, aiming at inspiring and illuminating the night scenery of Cluj-Napoca between 16th of November and 31st of December, a time of year when nights are longer than days and when the human eye craves for light.

Every evening, special trained tour guides provided by Cluj Guided Tours will connect the light artworks by foot alongside those who wish to explore what light installations really are and what each artist envisioned for his work.

Special designed artistic happenings are also scheduled to start close to the artworks, emphasizing on the meaning of each installation. Look for the schedule on the map and be sure not to miss any of them.



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