Live Stream with The Guild Hall Team

Live Stream with The Guild Hall Team

📣 The Guild Hall Team is going LIVE! 📣

Join us twice a month, on Saturdays at 5pm on Twitch, where we will do a Livestream playing all kinds of online games and you can join us as well! 😃 This week we’ll try the Jackbox Party Pack but in the upcoming weeks, you can expect to see more traditional tabletop games to be played as well.

In the meantime, if you want to try out playing online board games for yourself AND have some cool people from your area to talk to, you can join our Discord server. There you can enter voice chats with the Guild Hall team or any other board game enthusiasts and set up games with each other. And the cool part is that after everything comes back to normal, you can meet up with the friends you make there and play games in person, too!

Here is our Twitch link. Can’t wait to see you there!🤩




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