Live: The Qualitons @ Atelier Cafe

Live: The Qualitons @ Atelier Cafe

Swirl into the world of The Qualitons: they’ll take you on a journey of catchy, energetic melodies of psychedelic rock, inspired by the sounds of mod-beat and funk music of the ’60s and ‘70s, building on solid guitar grooves with thoughtful vocal harmonies.

The Budapest-based band has built a reputation for their entertaining shows and the unique vibe that describes them. Rumour has it that they are Anthony Kiedis’ favourite Hungarian band!

Artist support: 20 lei

The Qualitons
Beat, Rock, Garage; Hungary

Band members
Hunor G. Szabó – vocal, guitar, drums
Ernő Hock – bass, vocal
Barna Szőke – guitar
Levente Boros – drums, vocal
Ádám Menyhei – keys, vocal



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