LogOut Centenary Edition with Mihai Popoviciu & more

LogOut Centenary Edition with Mihai Popoviciu & more

Sarbatorim impreuna 100 de ani de la marea Unire cu un line-up si o locatie pe masura!
Locatie Cluj Arena VIP – Etajul 3
Powered by Eventhorizon – Funktion One Sound System

Mihai Popoviciu is considered one of the most innovative eastern European producers today. It’s not a big surprise that Mihai’s reputation as a DJ grew fast in the past years, taking him to world’s most important clubs and venues.
His flavoured sets have a distinctive personal touch delivering a perfectly balanced mixture of groovy beats, warm pads and musical emotions that will get you addicted. Also, Mihai is the owner of Cyclic Records.

MAT (LogOut)
Their style is groovy, a perfect mixture between deep house and tech-house / techno, always delivering fresh sets & positive energy. They were invited to play at prestigious events and festivals such as Untold Festival, Electric Castle, Kudos Beach, Airfield Festival, Alandala Events and Delahoya Festival. They have played in some of the most popular venues in Romania, and their sets are always very well-received by the public.

Tiberiu (DInsubsol)
His addiction towards electronic music is fulfilling him a dream, the dream of sharing this kind of music to the world. The first contact in this direction happend in 2005 in his hometown, where he performed as a resident dj for a good period of time. Also, during this time he was invited to many other parties, including abroad.
The past few years have been found sharing the desk with important names like Cezar, Lizz, Cosmjn,Incolor,Milea,Paul K. Also playing at important festivals like Chronic Love,Untold ,MOX,Airfield.
Usually the dynamic rhythm describes him perfectlyhis vision of set.

Rhem (NoExcuse / Samani)
RHEM, on his real name, Remus, is a DJ / producer from Baia Mare, a well-known name in the northern half of the country and beyond, and he succeeds in his career to share the big names in the industry like Ilario Alicante, Jose Maria Ramon, Robert Babicz, Premiesku, Livio&Robi, Einzelkind, Mihai Popoviciu, Adrian Eftimie, Optick, Rosario Internullo, Mahony, Negru, Kool, mixing in most cities of Romania (clubs / festivals) and in other countries like United Kingdom, Austria, Lichtenstein, Belgium.

Girls 20 RON / Boys 30 RON before 01:00
Girls 30 RON / Boys 40 RON before 01:00

Garderoba: DA

Info: 0745693736



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