Media and Society 2019 Students' Conference

Media and Society 2019 Students’ Conference

Media and Society 2019 Students’ Conference

The Student Conference titled “Media and Society: Models, Representations and Current Phenomena” organized by the Journalism Department of the College of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences will be held on May 16 , 2019.
Detalis here.

All the students with research interests in Journalism, Communication and Media are encouraged to participate, especially final year students (at both Bachelor and Master levels) and Ph.D. students.

To register for the event students should send an e-mail to [email protected] containing their full name, year/study program, college, university, the title of their paper/presentation, a 500 characters abstract and the name of their supervisor (after having consulted with the respective professor). The e-mail should have MEDIA SOCIETY as its subject. The deadline for submission of abstracts is April 15 2019. The final version of the paper should be submitted to the evaluation committee on the day of the event (May 16) in printed form. Submissions are accepted in Romanian, English, Hungarian and German.

The final program of the event will be published on the Department’s website after May 10.



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