Moved Online! RPG – Beginner Sessions

Moved Online! RPG – Beginner Sessions

IMPORTANT: For the time being (because of the COVID-19 pandemic), we have decided to move our Role-Playing Sessions for Beginners to an online format. We will provide the DM, as usual, and we will hold the sessions on our Discord server and on Roll20 (still Thursdays at 6 pm). Please check out the post in the “discussions” tab for more information.

We are sure that many of you are curious and interested in role-play games. Dungeons and Dragons? Star Wars? Warhammer Fantasy? Legend of the Five Rings? There are many game systems out there ready to be explored and tested. The Guild Hall will offer you the possibility to take part in a regular event dedicated especially to beginners who want to test the waters.

Some key concepts of this event:
– Just show up and play with no need to prepare or know the system or bring anything.
– Take part in short sessions designed to walk you through the core mechanics of the game and give you a taste of how the game feels like.
– Different games and different Dungeon Masters (so you can test a large variety of rules and play styles)

Each week we will announce what game system will be on the table. Stay tuned!

To register please send us a Facebook message.



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