Natural Intervention w/ Alexincase / Laurian

Natural Intervention w/ Alexincase / Laurian


__ Alexincase ( VRTW )
Alexincase is a sonic psychonaut that oscillates between experimental, clasic, repetitive and always surprising worlds of sound. His style knows no bounds as he adapts his selections live, depending on the moment and, of course, the energy created.
Alex’s lifetime passion, music, especially on vinyl – with which he has a soul-related relationship for many years, has brought him to the point where he began to mix exclusively on vinyl, after many years of players or digital.
He recentry joined the VRTW rooster.

__ Laurian (Colectiva Gazette)
Being a key figure in Gazette’s management, it was just a matter a time until he stepped behind the booth.
With the guidance from the rest of the Colectiva Gazette artists, he is constantly developing his sound, and by this takes you to a journey through underground music, and makes your feet root to the dance floor.

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