You are an explorer. You are in continuous pursuit of the music that defines you, music which has become such a big part of who you are. For every moment of joy that music brings to you, you find a place in your heart to store that moment and keep it safe. You can always remember the emotions, the friendly faces, and the beautiful place that surrounded the music. It’s a cycle with deep meaning that keeps you looking ahead for the next moment.

We feel the same, but we know there is something more to this connection, something that tends to be forgotten – the connection with the place. Music creates a bond not only between the listeners and the artist, but it creates a connection with the place around it. Curiously, with music, you can understand the meaning behind a place and understand the values it holds. We want to nurture this by connecting people with the places with deep cultural meaning. This is our bridge, a bridge between music and culture where both share values to one another; a link between the old and the new, the natural and the technological, the conservative and the curious, where we cherish the music and rediscover those values that serve as the foundation of our culture, the Romanian culture.

‘Reper’ – A point of reference, a landmark with deep cultural significance.

Take part in our first cultural discovery, on the 22nd of June, within the National Ethnographic Museum ‘Romulus Vuia’ in Cluj-Napoca. A blend between traditionalism and modernism, where we remember our ancestor values on modern minimal beats.

Daytime Museum (12pm-10pm)

Primărie (Tzinah)
Herck (Tzinah)
Alex Şimori (Tzinah)
ONYK (FONYK/D.tales)

Afterparty Urania Palace (10.30pm-end)

B2B Daytime DJ’s set 1
Luna Ludmila (Utrecht/NL)

B2B Daytime DJ’s set 2 (birthday set)
Ticket Prices

Early Bird (limited number)

▪︎ Daytime Museum (12 p.m.- 10 p.m.)

—— 30 Lei + 1.5 lei ticket fee ——

▪︎ Early Bird Pack* (Daytime + Afterparty):

—— 50 lei + 2.5 lei ticket fee ——-

*this pack includes 3 drink tokens (30 Ron) available only for the
Daytime event.

Regular (to be announced)


June 22, 2019 - June 23, 2019 12:00 pm - 10:00 am



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