Romanian Testing Conference 2019

Romanian Testing Conference 2019

RTC 2019 Theme: Qualisophy in testing
[ˈkwɒləsəfi] in testing – Can you test it?
As a qualisopher, I am always seeking wisdom to see if we can improve our way of living in general and, to be more specific, our way of improving quality in the systems we deliver together. For me this means thinking about a lot of questions. As a qualisopher and the program chair of Romanian Testing Conference 2019 I have a simple question for you: “can you test it?”. With this simple question I would like to trigger you to come up with stories, ideas or even workshops on how you dealt with this question.

As good philosophers, you will find that such a simple question covers a lot of challenging and intriguing topics which we aim to cover in conference program. We often ask ourselves:

* Is it about how to prepare yourself or your team for testing?

* Did we cover quality risks in different other ways than testing activities?

* Were you able to achieve more confidence in your results by initiating conversations with different peers?

* How did you reach out to get the discussion going without being put aside because the tester ‘knows nothing’?

* Or can you tell me more about how you created a testing culture, an atmosphere of continuous communication and quality-driven mindset in your team or project?

* With whom does the responsability of testing lies with?

* What did your ideas, scripts, frameworks, initiatives helped you, your team, your company to improve?

As you can see, ‘can you test it?’ leads to a lot of other interesting qualisophical questions, layers, challenges and stories. So, tell us your stories, when and how you dealt with this question, in good and bad times.



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