switchED – unconference in education

switchED – unconference in education

switchED is bringing together educators (teachers, facilitators, trainers, socio-educational animators, youth workers), project managers in education, school managers, students, parents who have chosen to take the path of homeschooling and everyone passionate about learning and education.

We start Friday evening (12th October) with an informal meeting. On Saturday morning (13th October) we gather around, we drink coffee, listen to some stories of the guests and then we plan the agenda together (with the proposals made by anyone – including yours – if you want). On Sunday we continue with inspiration, enthusiasm, sharing and connecting.

Attend switchED if
you are passionate about learning and education, if you want to get inspiration, if you want to share inspiration, if you believe that there are no such thing as small changes, if you have the courage to transform, if you need courage to transform, if you studied education, if you didn’t. Join switchED if you work in education or if you want to have a closer look on how education should look like. Education is the responsibility of each of us.
Join us to develop skills, knowledge or attitudes.

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