Synesthesia w/ Dréa / ABMR / Shuva

Synesthesia w/ Dréa / ABMR / Shuva

What would be the sound without the color or without someone to hear it?

Synesthesia is bringing together two forms of art that are interconnected: music and painting. This time, Dréa Yang, the DJ, will lead the journey spiced up with some oriental vibes teaming up with Shuva who will present breaks & psychedelic dub, while Raluca Pelin (ABMR) will paint the feelings that are coming out of her while listening.

The second Synesthesia will take place at Cotton Club Cluj, from 19:00 on the 5th of August.
Come along and let yourself express freely, from goosebumps to chaotic moves of the body everything is allowed, and as we fell and create, you will do along with us.

The ticket will be 25 RON available at the entrance.




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